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Terms and Conditions

Terms of use of BIPP Design®

The name and logo of BIPP Design® are a registered trademark. When you use the name and/or logo of BIPP Design® it's required to use the ®-symbol.

It's prohibited to publish buying prices.

It's prohibited to publish material that pretends to be from BIPP Design® when it's not or modified.

It's only allowed to publish unmodified product pictures with the watermark of BIPP Design®.

Terms of use of the logo of BIPP Design®

To use the logo of BIPP Design®, please use our media pack and the following guidelines: use a 15px margin around the logo.

Dealerships of BIPP Design®

An official Premium Dealer of BIPP Design® is listed on the web site as a webshop or shop. Premium Dealers may never publish negative content in whatever way that's not inline with the BIPP Design® culture. Premium Dealers may never sell BIPP Design® products for a price that's hard to compete with. Any action of doing so will lead to suspension of the dealership.

Premium dealers are expected to frequently buy products (with a minimum of 40% of every series we release) so their collection is worth mentioning and up to date. Not having a collection worth mentioning will lead to suspension of the dealership.

Dealerships are meant for business parters which as fabric shops, haberdashery shops, wholesalers, businesses that sell our products unprocessed. Dealerships are not meant for consumers, ateliers or shops that's sell our modified products.

In case published information about the Premium Dealer (such as addresses or phone numbers) changes, the dealer will notify BIPP Design® and provide the correct and most up-to-date information.

Availability of Products and Services Mentioned

Information that BIPP Design® publishes about Premium Dealers may be out of date. Products are sold by third parties and may be not available or approved by the appropriate regulatory authorities in your country.


BIPP Design® does not sell products or provide any customer support, repairs, modification or warranty to whatever party. Product details are subject to change. BIPP Design® adds and updates information periodically without notice.